Like any company that works with fresh food, we have remnants.

Since throwing away is not an option for us, we have chosen to make the soup from the remnants and donate it.

We have chosen for Dakant or vzw daklozenhulp Antwerpen.

vzw daklozenhulp Antwerpen is an association that, thanks to the engagement of volunteers, commits itself to the underprivileged and less fortunate in Antwerp and region.

The vzw daklozenhulp Antwerpen aims in an accessible way to provide concrete help to people in Antwerp and environs, who for whatever reason, live below the poverty line and therefore (sometimes) lack the resources to buy enough food.

The organization sets itself the aim to nourish people who are hungry. Although this is a little controversial and ambitious goal, we notice weekly how hunger and / or social isolation can have a devastating effect on people who already have problems.

Here we are aware that:

  • within the target group, some people do not really need this help, only having to choose who is and who is not entitled, we exclude some people who really need this help but for whom other organizations have too high a threshold.
  • there is nothing fundamentally solved to the poverty but, by providing basic needs, like food and social contact, some people are given the strength to go on and find solutions.


Here we try:

  • to enable a number of people from the target group to work as a volunteer, so that the step towards social reintegration decreases and also the step to a real work situation.
  • enable people sentenced to community service to work for us.
  • to involve students and schools in the operation, so that young people get the chance of social engagement.
  • to referre people in the target group to agencies that can put them on their way to a better living condition.

For more information about Dakant: